KASE Premium Mobile Lens

Kase is a new and emerging brand of photographic filters and has been studied and developed on camera filters many years. As a product-centric company, Kase attracts consumers through its perfect and stable quality, has earned a great popularity throughout photographers all over the world. 

iSure Myanmar is the Authorized Distributor of KASE Premium Mobile Lens.

KASE Wide Angle Lens II

  • Wide Angle Lens is used especially for Family reunion and can be used as Macro Lens.
  • Wide Angle Lens is wider than those in the market with 18mm Lens.
  • It takes your phone photography to next levels without needing your digital camera. No image distortion, Giving you large angle viewing, and High definition results

    Sample Shot of Wide Angle Lens

    KASE Wide Angle Lens II

    KASE Macro Lens II

    • Creative Lens bring you to the macro world.
    • It brings the closest focus, 10mm.
    • Professional Optical Design with the picture with HDR
    • No Distortion

    Sample Shot of Macro Lens II

    KASE Macro Lens II

    KASE Fish Eye Lens II

    • Innovative Lens. Viewing Angle of 238 Degree.
    • Change your perspective and make every shots uniquely dramatically.
    KASE Fish Eye Lens II
    KASE Telephoto Lens
    • Perfect Fit for Figure Portrait.
    • It can provide the high definition of the main object and create the perfect background blur image.
    Sample Shot of Telephoto Lens
    KASE Telephoto Lens II   
    KASE Master Wide Angle Lens (16 mm)


    • Wide angle, wider horizon. No distortion with this wide angle lens;
    • Anti-reflective coating, improve the light transmission & image definition.
    • The greater depth of field (DOF), to get appropriate pictures with enough clear ranges and sharp details of a particular site.
    Sample Shot of Master Wide Angle Lens (16 mm)
    Without Lens
    Without Lens
    With KASE Master Wide Angle Lens (16mm)
    KASE Master Macro Lens
    • Creative Lens bring you to the macro world.
    • You don't have to rely so close.
    • Made of CNC Machine. Blur Nature.
    Sample Shot of Master Macro Lens
    With Master Macro Lens
    KASE Master Telephoto Lens
    • For Film Making Experience
    • Outstand the main products
    • Suitable for mobile phone shooting video through different focusing distance
    Sample Shot of Master Telephoto Lens
    Master Telephoto Lens
    KASE Super Telephoto Lens
    • Smartphone  obtains a lot of digital equipment functions.
    • However, when it compares to the multifunction DSLR camera, smartphone still too poor to compete with it.
    • So huge gap in the detail and the stability of the photography is existent.
    • Such as, when you go to a show, and the stage is far from you so that you can’t catch a clear image of your idol.
    Sample Shot of Super Telephoto Lens
    Without Super Telephoto Lens
    With KASE Super Telephoto Lens
    KASE Mobile Lens Filter
    KASE Mobile Lens Filter Can use with KASE Mobile Lens.
    KASE CPL Polarizing Filter

    CPL Polarizing Filter can remove the reflected light on the non-mental surface, increasing  color saturation. Suitable for mountain scene, sky, glasses, leaves.

    Without Lens Filter

    With KASE CPL Filter

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    KASE Neutral Night Filter

    Neutral Night Filter can solve the problem of yellow in night shooting.

    Without Lens Filter
    With KASE Neutral Night Filter
    KASE Graduated Neutral Density Filter (GND Filter)
    GND Filter can reduce the highlight and achieve the light ratio balance
    Without Lens Filter
    With KASE GND Filter
    KASE Neutral Density Filter
    Natural Density Filter can reduce the exposure and prevent overexposure.
    ND 512 is for common light reduction
    ND 4000 is for long time exposure 
    With KASE ND 512 Filter
    With KASE ND 4000 Filter
    KASE Tripod
    KASE K-P1 Pro Tripod
    • For mobile phone lens and mirrorless camera.
    • Mirrorless camera screw thread locks the mobile phone lens clip perfectly, not only stable but also durable.
    • The ideal companion for your camera during your travel
    KP-1 Pro Tripod can be used with Mobile Phone, SLR Camera & Go Pro.
    This Tripod can be used as selfie stick.
    KASE Sileto Tripod
    • Sileto Bendable, Flexible Tripod For Smartphone And Mirrorless Camera.
    • It can stand stably in any situation & can be created in multiple shapes.
    • Feature with octopus shape design, high flexibility, and fine attractiveness Made of thermoplastic elastomer, easily bend the tripod.
    • It can adjust to the lower or higher level. Lock the mental ball stability, 360° rotation direction smoothly.
    KASE Sileto Tripod