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Customer Care Hot Line - 09969911666 (9:00AM - 8:00PM)

Kase Lens Filters

by Kase
Original price K39,000.00 - Original price K50,000.00
Original price
K39,000.00 - K50,000.00
Current price K39,000.00
  • Large 35mm diameter can covers triple camera setup smartphones.
  • Rotation adjustment for easy handling. 
  • Multiple filters are available to enrich the creative space. 
  1. GND (Graduated Neutral Density) 0.9 filter : Balance the light ratio. 
  2. Light pollution filter : Effectively cut off the part of color spectrum and isolates harmful lights from artificial light sources.
  3. CPL polarizing filter : Eliminate reflections and enhance saturation. 
  4. ND (Neutral Density) filter : Reduce the light for long exposure.  (ND512 : reduce 9 stops for common light reduction | ND4000 : reduce 12 stops for long time exposure.)